We are in the meterology part of the class for this first unit.  Students will begin keeping a daily weather journal for two locations, one of the locations must be outside of the state of Minnesota.

Students should know about:
pressure (barometric or atmospheric)
isobars and related high or low pressure areas
air masses (cP, cT, mP, mT)
fronts (cold and warm)
dew point and relative humidity
wind chill
the "weather symbol"
basic cloud types
locations on the globe (latitude and longitude)

Students should be familiar with both English and Metric units for measuring weather data and they should be able to convert from one kind  of unit to another given the basic math relationships.

In addition to studying weather we have started to recognize objects (constelations, stars, planets) in the night sky and we are learning to map out these locations by estimating the azmuth and altitude.  Later in class we will learn about right assention and declination.

Some Weather Links - Please let me know if you find any dead links so I can corect them.
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Class Sites

Virtual Weather Map Room
WW2010 (the weather world 2010 project):
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Buckeye Wx


National Weather Service Home Page -U.S. Government warnings & forecasts
National Weather Service Stations
Data Services
State Climatologists/Regional Climate Centers
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Current Weather

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WW2010 (the weather world 2010 project):
Compare and contrast warm and cold fronts.