Chemistry Unit I  Introduction

Understand the basis of chemistry and scientific measurements.

A Understand the basis of chemistry and scientific measurements.
1 Measure volume, mass, and density.
2 Identify equipment used in a beginning chemistry lab. (A minimum of 90%)
3 Understand and use the Scientific Method.
4 Demonstrate the process of the scientific method.
5 Use the scientific method to classify observations.

B Use the concepts of dimensional analysis, scientific notation & significant figures to solve problems.
1 Use the Metric (International) System (SI)  to make measurements and in solving problems.
2 Use dimensional analysis to solve problems and perform unit conversions.
3 Use scientific notation to represent very large and very small numbers and to correctly use scientific notation in calculations.
4 Determine the number of significant figures in a measurement and to use this to correctly report answers.
5 Know the difference between accuracy and precision.

C Be able to classify matter and identify changes in properties.
1 Classify mixtures as heterogeneous or homogeneous and understand the differences between mixtures and pure substances.
2 Identify and give examples of physical and chemical changes.

D Measure and calculate energy transfers and changes.
1 Understand the difference between energy and temperature.
2 Calculate and measure energy changes.

Key terms: matter, energy, potential energy, kinetic energy, radiant energy, law of conservation of mass, law of conservation of energy, scientific model, scientific theory, scientific law, hypothesis, weight, mass, gram, meter, kelvin, accuracy precision, significant digit, density, mixture, phase, heterogeneous, homogeneous, solution, solute, solvent, substance, element, compound, physical change, chemical change, physical property, chemical property, heat, joule, endothermic, exothermic, specific heat.

Suggested Problems: Read Chapters 1 & 2
pg 19 (8-12),  pgs 31-34 (1, 6, 10, 30-32, 36-38, 46-49)  pg 45 (7, 8, 13)  pg 53 (1, 2, 4-9) pg 63 (1-9)  pgs 66-70 (6-8, 32-36, 47-57)

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