Unit XII Acids, Bases, Salt and pH

Be able to name common acids and bases
Be able to identify common acids & bases and their properties
Be able to write equations for common acid base neutralization
Be able to calculate acid or base concentrations from titration data
Be able to write equations for Bronsted-Lowry acids & bases
Be able to determine the percent ionization
Be able to calculate pH and pOH
Be able to calculate hydrogen and hydroxide ion concentration from pH or pOH
Be able to calculate equilibrium constants for acids, bases & salts
Be able to describe the equilibrium effect of weak acids , weak bases and buffers
Be able to explain the common ion effect.

electrolyte, hydronium ion, conjugate base, conjugate acid, binary acid, ternary acid, amphoteric, anhydrous, strong acid, strong base, weak acid, weak base, salt, spectator ion, polyprotic acid, ionization constant, common ion effect,  solubility product constant, ion product constant of water, pH, pOH, hydrolysis, indicator, titration, standard solution

Suggested Problems:  Read Chapter 15
pg 538 (1, 2, 6, 10, 13) pg 547 (1-5, 7-12, 14) pg 556 (8-12) pg 563 (2-4, 6-10) pgs 566-572 (21-26, 40-100 evens)

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