Unit X  Reaction Rates & Equilibrium
Be able to describe the factors that influence the rate of a reaction.
Be able to describe and determine reaction mechanisms for simple reactions.
Be able to describe the properties and effects of catalysts and inhibitors.
Be able to determine rate laws and calculate reaction rates.
Be able to determine equilibrium expressions and calculate constants &concentrations.
Be able to use LeChatelier’s principle to explain the effects of changes in equilibrium.

thermodynamically stable,  kinetically stable, reversible reaction, reaction rate, activated complex, rate constant, homogeneous reaction, heterogeneous reaction, catalysis, heterogeneous catalyst, homogeneous catalyst, inhibitor, rate determining step, reaction mechanism, optimum conditions.

Suggested Problems:  Read Chapter 16 and Chapter 14
pg 585 (1, 3-6, 13) pg 595 (3-8, 12) pgs 597-600 (22, 24-32) pg 501 (1-4) pg 511 (1-3, 5-9) pg 518 (1-3, 5-7) pgs 521-526 (13-48)

Equilibrium Definitions
Reaction Rates
Rates & Collision Theory
More Collision Theory
Effect of Concentration
First Order Reactions Bring me a copy of the graph you print out of the "applet" simulation for 5 bonus points.