Iron Mine Reclamation At Hoyt Lakes

At the eastern end of the Mesabi Iron range is the LTV taconite plant and mining area. The area begins about 10 miles east of Gilbert and runs northeast almost to Babbit where the old Reserve Mine is still in operation, sending ore to Silver Bay.

gilbert to hoyt lakes map
hoyt lakes to babbit
Mine reclamation1
The LTV mine at Hoyt Lakes is no longer in operation. The equipment of any value has been sold and the only employees are there to guard the property and perform reclamation activities.

The LTV mine closed in 2000. It was made up of three active and eight inactive mining areas with crushing, concentrating, pelletizing and maintenance facilities. The mining dumps - piles of ore, tailings (waste rock) or overburden - are being seeded with grasses and oats. Over the course of a few years the grasses establish enough of a footing to prevent erosion and eventually trees are expected to self seed themselves in the area.

Even though the area is no longer being actively mined, the Closure Plan is to develop the area as a brownfield location because there are still significant magnetite mineral reserves present, several copper-nickel-tungsten-silver-gold deposits are located to the southeast of the plant that some companies have shown and interest in exploring and the plant buildings would make a good heavy industrial site. Because of the mine closure many homes in the town of Hoyt Lakes have been simply abandoned because without an employer in the area no one could be found to purchase them and without the work people could not afford to continue to live in them.1

  The land between Hoyt Lakes and Babbit is private with the only roads being owned and maintained by the mining companies. If no company purchases the land for future mining or other industrial activities the area could be developed for recreational or forestry uses but that is being delayed because once put to theses uses the possibility of mining the area becomes very remote.


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1.  MN DNR Minerals Education Workshop Field Trip