Waves - Sound & Light

Waves - vibrations or disturbances in time that extends from one place to another.  There are two basic kinds of waves - longitudinal and transverse.  Students should know the parts and properties of each of these kinds of waves.  There are examples in the textbook as well as in some of the website links below.

In this unit we will learn the basics of sound related to music.  Students should know the basics of operation of musical instruments, including how to determine the pitch (frequency) produced for each type of instrument.  There are three basic types of instruments: string (including percussion instruments which act like two dimensional strings), pipes that are open on both ends and pipes that are closed on one end.  Students should be aware of factors that change the quality and pitch of the sound in each of these types.

The second part of this unit deals with light.  We will focus (pun intended) on geometric optics of light, the effect of reflection and refraction.  The properties and construction of simple lenses and mirrors.  Students need to be able to predict locations of images using both scale drawings and math equations.

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